DLK PRO VDO Download Key Data Management

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    Tachograph Data Management.

    DLK PRO Download Key.

    DLK Pro Download Key Efficient, simple and user-friendly data handling is the very latest model for fleets, workshops and authorities, the DLK Pro Download Key by VDO is the ideal medium for downloading and archiving mass memory data from Digital Tachographs and data from driver cards. Digital Tachograph data is downloaded via the serial 6-PIN interface, which is compatible with all Digital Tachographs. The integrated chip card reader enables data to be downloaded straight from the driver card.  Before the initial operation, the chip card reader is activated with a licence card.  Alternatively, the driver card can be downloaded via the 6-pin interface.  The high-speed USB interface then transfers the data quickly and securely to the computer.  The mobile Key in mobile phone format offers maximum comfort and easy handling, not least thanks to its integrated 2.2″ TFT touchscreen.  The screen displays the last downloads, reminders of due downloads, information on the charge level of the rechargeable battery and memory capacity.  Data security is also of primary importance in the DLK Pro Download Key thanks to the integrated SD card, you can create an external backup copy at any time.  The DLK Pro Download Key neither requires a power supply for downloading Tachograph data nor for transferring data to a computer, so it is always ready for use in vehicles and the office. The integrated rechargeable battery is only required for downloading driver card data and displaying data on the screen.  The DLK Pro Download Key has integrated software, which archives the data. The DLK Pro Download Key can also be used as a normal USB stick with any computer.

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