Analogue Tachographs

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Analogue Tachographs

An Analogue Tachograph is a device that automatically records driving time, speed and rest periods and this is done from a selection of modes on the Tachograph facia of the 1318-27/1324/EGK 100 KPH Volvo Tachograph, the Tachograph will automatically default to another working mode once the vehicle is stationary.  The rest and availability modes can all be manually selected by the Driver when the vehicle is stationary.

Analogue Tachograph system for the 1318-27/1324 cassette type Tachograph and EGK 100 2500 KPH/2800 KPH system comprises of the following; a Sender Unit mounted to the vehicle gearbox, the Tachograph Head with a Tachograph Cable coming from the gearbox to the B plug at the back of the Tachograph Unit.  All these Tachographs work in conjunction with a Tachograph Chart inserted into the Tachograph Head.

Drivers and their employers are legally required to accurately record all activities and retain the records and keep filed from the internal memory and from Drivers Cards or Charts in this instance and if asked they must produce them on demand to Transport Authorities who in charge of Law Enforcement.

Analogue Tachographs models available in the UK and EU;

  • VDO KTCO 1318 Electronic
  • VDO MTCO 1324 Electronic
  • VDO FTCO 1319 Electronic
  • Motometer Models
  • Motometer EGK 100 2500 RPM
  • Motometer EGK 100 2800 RPM

All types of Analogue Tachographs can be found on our Website for further information go to our Homepage where you will find an extensive range of Analogue Tachographs to meet you’re every vehicle Tachograph requirement.