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Our Vision

We promise to always aim for perfection and our mission is to always keep our Customers our number 1 priority in all we do, these are the true values of Tacho 2000 Ltd. We always keep it personal treating each enquiry as an individual, we pay personal attention to detail being passionate and proud of everything we do, building sound strong relationships with our Customers.

We supply high-quality VDO Digital Tachographs and more, we are based in the UK and carry an extensive range of Analogue / Digital Tachographs to meet your every need. We supply Tachographs for vehicles to include HGV’s, Cars, Vans and many other commercial vehicles requiring a Tachograph.

We also sell Analogue / Digital Tachographs for many different vehicle types all tailored to your needs and programmed to your requirements, Tacho 2000 Ltd is the place where you will receive expert advice and your one stop shop for all your Tachograph and Accessory needs.

We pride ourselves on stocking and having availability for virtually any Analogue / Digital Tachograph product that you require and are able to turn these products around to be with you very quickly when it comes to delivery, as a vehicle off the road is costing you money.

What is a tachograph and why do you need one?

Both Analogue / Digital Tachographs are fitted to commercial vehicles to measure time, distance and speed of the vehicle in question to comply with the law of the operators’ licence and VOSA Tachograph rules and regulations.  This process makes the driver compliant with their role in the EU regulations.

The latest type of Digital Tachograph records by the second, not the minute as on previous Tachographs, this on average is giving the driver and operator an extra 45 minutes per day driving time (this is what our customers are telling us).

Digital Tachograph information

Digital Tachographs work by storing data in its own memory but also on the Driver Card which is inserted into the Digital Tachograph device, this records the hours of driving, other work and rest periods, enabling the Driver to plan their route the most efficient and economical way for the Company.

The Driver Card holds this vital information for the use of analysing that the Driver has kept to the correct hours driven by an average of 28 working days per Driver Card.  It is the responsibility of each Operator to ensure they download their own data from the Digital Tachograph, the recommended product is a (DLK Pro).

What is a Tachometer

A Tachometer (revolution-counter, tach, rev-counter, RPM gauge) is an instrument measuring the optimum rotation of the speed shaft or disc (RPM).

Always up to date

Here at Tacho 2000 Ltd, we pride ourselves on supplying the latest technology available with the best quality products, for example, the latest 1381 3.0 Digital Tachograph.

Why choose TACHO 2000 Ltd

Tacho 2000 Ltd is an established business in the Tachograph Industry for over 20 years, supplying Tachograph products all over the UK and Europe.  We only deal in new and the latest technology from the largest suppliers in Europe and the UK.

At Tacho 2000 Ltd we carry a large level of up to date stock from the most basic KITAS Sender Units to the latest 1381 3.0 Digital Tachographs.

Popular Tachograph Products

At Tacho 2000 Ltd we carry a large level of up to date stock from the most basic KITAS Sender Units to the latest 1381 3.0 Digital Tachographs.

For all your Analogue / Digital Tachograph enquiries please contact our friendly sales team on 01543 524024 to find out how we can assist you.

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Digital and Analogue Tachographs Parts and Accessories

Are you or your company still using the Analogue Tachographs and would like to replace this on a like-for-like basis for a DigitalTachograph? Perhaps you require tacho accessories and tachograph parts? We have a huge range ready for immediate dispatch today.

Browse our range of Tachograph parts and accessories here.

All analogue tachographs have tacho disc charts within to record the speed, distance and working hours. Remember, this is a manual/analogue system and records must be kept by the driver for at least seven days, drivers must also use a new tacho disc or chart every day. Browse our complete range of Analogue Tachographs here. 

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Are you looking for the latest generation DTCO VDO 1381 Digital Tachograph? Some describe the latest Digital Tachograph 2.2/3.0 as a breakthrough that the transport industry has needed for over 10 years. The shift from Analogue Tacho to Digital Tachographs have made the tacho more driver friendly and more reliable.

There are a few terms to help you find what you are looking for on our website. Perhaps you need help to diagnose an Analogue / Digital Tachograph fault or you have been stopped in a roadside check? We have put together some of the most common Analogue and Digital Tachographs used in the industry. If you are still unsure or would like some professional advice, then please contact us here.

This is by no means a complete list of analogue and digital tachographs available, however these are the most commonly used by our clients over the last 12 months. For more information, or for any assistance with diagnosing problems or finding a replacement part, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team on 01543 524024 or complete our contact form here.