1381 Digital Tachographs

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Welcome to the new and exciting 1381 3.0 latest technology Digital Tachograph this is making a real buzz in the industry.

The Digital 3.0 1381 Digital Tachograph is faster, brighter and more flexible but the main thing is that it is more driver friendly and for the operator, which means that the Manager can concentrate on making the business run smoother.  The 1381 3.0 Digital Tachograph is faster and more easy to operate and even in the sunlight in the Drivers cab, the screen can still be seen due to the new brighter display.  In this instance, the benefit from considerable time saving and cost saving get much more clarity for the Driver and the Manager.

An onboard 1381 3.0 Digital Tachograph and this latest type technology have been compulsory since the year 2006 for a new vehicle and a new vehicle registered with a total weight more than 3.5 tonnes.  The 3181 3.0 Digital Tachograph is more than just a device for recording Driver and vehicle data, even small, medium-sized or fleet operators have the opportunity and potential to maximize their efficiency.

All 1381 Digital Tachographs require the Driver or Fleet to have what is called a valid Drivers Card.  You must not drive a vehicle with a 1381 3.0 Digital Tachograph if you do not have a Drivers Card, in the event your card gets lost or stolen or your card is faulty you can drive without a card for a maximum period of calendar days subject to certain conditions.

This is all of the data that the Tachograph stores ;

  • Date
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Vehicle speed for the previous 24 hours of driving
  • Single or co-driver
  • Number of times a Driver Card is inserted each day
  • Distance travelled by the Driver, it reads the vehicle’s mileage when the card is inserted and removed
  • Driver activity – driving, rest, breaks, other work and periods of activity
  • Date and time of activity change
  • Events (this is an example, driving without a Driver Card, overspeeding, attempted fraud or faults)
  • Enforcement checks
  • Details of Tachograph calibrations or 2-year checks
  • Tampering with the system

A Drivers Card will allow the storage of up to 28 days worth of data.  When it is full, the stored data may be overwritten by new data.  The vehicle unit stores data for all previous 365 days worth of data before the oldest is overwritten.  Every 28 days the data should be downloaded and the device for doing this is called a DLK (PRO).

1381 Digital Tachographs 2.2/3.0

1381 2.2/3.0 Digital Tachograph Kits are also available for your vehicle requirements, we are very competitive on price and service.  We have an extensive range in stock of Tachograph Kits;

  • Ford Ranger
  • Ford D-MAX
  • Ford Transit
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Land Rover Discovery
  • Mitsibushi
  • Mitsubishi Canter
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Mercedes Vito
  • VWLT
  • VW Amorok

All Tachograph Kits come with a 2-year warranty on parts, we also can offer a fitting service to the local area.

For further technical or sales enquiries please call 01543 524024.