Tachograph Accessories

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Tachograph Accessories

Here at Digital Tachographs known as in the industry Tacho 2000 Ltd who has been trading for well over 20 years, we have been supplying Tachograph Accessories to the UK and Europe and we carry an extensive range of Tachograph parts and Accessories we also supply full tachograph kits for the most popular 4X4 vehicles and we can also arrange a fitting service in the local area, all parts and accessories come with a full 2 year warranty and we only supply genuine VDO products with all of the latest technoligy and we can always keep you informed on anything that happens in the market place.


please take a look at my latest and brand new website or call me direct for all the information you require, the latest 1381 2.2/3.0 digital tachograph is how the future will progress and technology is going to be very exciting in the next three years with the 1381 4.0 digital tachograph coming into the market.

if you require andy digital batteries or digital rolls please take a look at the website all are genuine VDO products so you will never have any issues if you take your vehicle into a workshop in the UK or Europe it will be covered with the worldwide warranty from the Continental.

  • Digital Tachograph 1381 2.2/3.0
  • Analogue Tachograph 1318/1324
  • Tachograph Charts
  • Digital Rolls
  • Digital Batteries
  • KITAS Sender Units/19.8mm
  • KITAS Sender Units/25mm
  • KITAS Sender Units/35mm
  • KITAS Sender Units/63mm
  • KITAS Sender Units/90mm
  • KITAS Sender Units/115mm
  • Analogue Sender Cables – these come in lengths of 6m/8m/10m/15m -the 15m cable is specifically designed for buses or coaches with the engine at the rear of the vehicle
  • Tachograph Keys
  • Tachograph Plugs
  • DLK PRO Download device

All these Tachograph Accessories can be found on our brand website for Tacho 2000 Ltd, should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Sales Team on 01543 524024 or email; nigel@digital-tachographs.co.uk/sales@digital-tachographs.co.uk