1381 VDO 2.2/3.0 Digital Tachograph Iveco

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    Iveco VDO 1381 2.2/3.0 DTCO Digital Tachograph Head.

    Digital Tachograph Green Illumination.

    Fits Iveco Stralis and Eurocargo.

    CAN 120 A2.

    24 Volt.

    Digital Tachographs supply all types of 1381 Digital heads including vehicle specific and programmed devices to your vehicle request.

    The new Digital Tachograph DTCO 2.2/3.0 eases the life of fleet operators as well as drivers.  In addition to approved functions, VDO has integrated extensive innovations, which supports you in saving costs, optimising routes and use working time more effective and efficient.

    The Digital Tachograph includes driving, on-call and rest periods for the driver and the front passenger and stores this information on the personal driver card.  The driver can use the VDO Counter to find out when the maximum permissible driving time has been reached and how long the next break needs to be.  In addition, the device registers vehicle-related data such as the speed of the vehicle.  Time travelling on ferries and trains is recorded in the calculation as rest periods.  Information on calibration is also stored in the mass storage device and the driver is periodically reminded of test intervals and the duration of validity of the Tachograph Card.

    The remaining travel time and the following rest periods are displayed for the driver on the Digital display.  Thus you can see at all times how long you can remain at the wheel, how long the subsequent break must be and how long you are allowed to continue driving after the break.  You can access daily and weekly figures just by pressing a button or you can obtain an overview of upcoming compensation times.

    The integrated VDO Counter offers the driver by request a quick overview of their current driving and rest times, so it supports my daily planning of routes, driving and rest times.

    Use consequently benefits from the 1 Minute Rule.  Save precious minutes in distribution operation, in traffic jams or turnover on resting places and extend the driving time.

    The DTCO 2.2/3.0 uses besides the speed signal a second independent motion signal (IMS).  Beyond that, it recognises and corrects via the new speed sensor (KITAS II+) external interferences and so it protects the interface between the vehicle and signal sender against manipulations.

    This product comes with a 2-year manufacturers warranty.

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