1381 VDO DTCO 2.2/3.0 Digital M1/N1 Tachograph Kit Kia Sorento

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    Kia Sorento VDO DTCO  1381 2.2/3.0 Digital Tachograph.

    M1/ N1 Tachograph Kit.

    The complete kit comes with the Digital Tachograph, Sender Unit, or M1/N1 Kit, Sender Cable and G/O Lock.

    M1/N1 full kit.

    The benefits of the Digital Tachograph include driving, working and on-call rest periods for the driver and stores this information on the driver card.  Information stored can be used to assess the permissible driving time left and how long the next break needs to be and when this enables the driver to plan the journey efficiently and effectively thus saving time and money.  The device also records data such as vehicle speed, time spent travelling on ferries in conjunction with the rest periods needed to be compliant with the law.  The mass of storage on this device also records the need for periodical test intervals and the remaining validity of the Tachograph card.

    This Tachograph is the most accurate and up to date equipment you can fit into your vehicle thus enhancing the performance of your drivers’ time and the profitability of your Company.

    In addition, the Digital display lets the driver know how long they have been driving and time left at just the press of a button.  This information is accessible both daily and weekly enabling performance analysis to be simplified and quickly assessed.

    The latest type of Digital Tachograph can also help your business with remote downloading and the company Fleet Manager can also keep track of all vehicles with a DLK PRO which will record all information on the driver’s card or direct from the Tachograph head.

    This product comes with a 2-year manufacturers warranty.

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    DT-1381-0513- Kit



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