1318 VDO Daf 45/65/75 Analogue Tachograph Head

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    £50 refundable deposit on return of old unit

    DAF  45/65/75 1318 VDO Analogue Tachograph Head.

    We are your first point of call for DAF Tachographs, with them you will be able to read, store and analyse your Analogue and Digital Tachograph Cards, which makes it easier for you to make the change to Digital from Analogue.

    2 Driver.

    125KPH / 80MPH.

    Round Black Bezel.

    24 Volt.

    These Analogue Tachographs are a calibrated instrument, specified in vehicles operated under the EC drivers’s hours regulations, and registered up to May 2006, which is capable of recording time, speed and distance covered on to a wax covered paper chart.  These charts are locked into the unit and last up to 24 hours recording the activities of the particular vehicle.

    All these Tachographs come in a specific model and type to fit your vehicle which also come in 12/24 volt and you can order ADR for pet reg vehicles.

    1318/27 Standard Round

    1318/27 MAN/ERF

    1318/27 Iveco

    1318/27 Scania ADR

    1318/27 Volvo FL/FM/FH

    1318/27 Mercedes Actros/Atego/Vario

    1318/27 DAF

    1318/27 Renault Premium

    1318/27 Renault Midliner/Magnum


    This product comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

    Please call for further assistance on 01543 524024. 

    £50 refundable deposit on return of old unit.

    Part number:

    DT-60976972 – 24 volt


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