1318 VDO Volvo Analogue Tachograph Head Discreet Rpm

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    £50 -refundable deposit on this item on return of the old unit.

    Volvo 1318-27 Tachograph.

    2 man operation.

    125KPH / 80MPH.

    Square Black Bezel.

    24 Volt.

    These Analogue Tachographs are a calibrated instrument, specified in vehicles operated under the EC driver’s hours regulations, and registered up to May 2006, which is capable of recording time, speed and distance covered on to a wax covered paper chart or most commonly known as a tacho disc if the driver as a stop check the inspector will check the Vdo Tacho and check all driving time, speed and distance .  These charts are locked into the unit and last up to 24 hours recording the activities of the particular vehicle.

    All these  VDO Tachographs come in a specific model and type to fit your vehicle which also comes in 12/24 volt and you can order ADR for pet reg vehicles 1318 Analogue Tacho.

    These tachographs can also be updated to the latest type new generation digital tachographs we can supply a full fitting kit and instructions the tachograph head part number would be 1381-2214303001.

    1318/27 Standard Round TACHO

    1318/27 MAN/ERF TACHO

    1318/27 Iveco TACHO

    1318/27 Scania ADR TACHO

    1318/27 Volvo FL/FM/FH TACHO

    1318/27 Mercedes Actros/Atego/Vario TACHO

    1318/27 DAF TACHO

    1318/27 Renault Premium TACHO

    1318/27 Renault Midliner/Magnum TACHO

    This product comes with a 2-year manufacturers warranty.

    Please call for further assistance on 01543 524024. 

    Part number:

    DT-60949107-FL Volvo tachograph 

    DT-60976959A    Volvo tachograph

    DT-60976959ADR  Volvo tachograph


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